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DUO traversing unit

The safest way to traverse.

The DUO traversing unit is the only system on the market that allows you to perform the entire operation from a safe distance without manual repositioning, even for heavy loads.

Work stress-free with maximum safety

A locking pin is integrated in the DUO traversing unit. So you can stay outside the danger area while traversing. It is operated from the control desk when locking and unlocking. This safe approach makes it possible to move loads over long distances in both directions. For you that means time savings and safety since manual repositioning of a counter support is unnecessary.

Rely on it

The DUO traversing unit and the roller carriage are equipped with lateral guides to ensure straight movement along the bridge. Integrated sliding plates compensate for vehicle bowing during movement of the load. To ensure optimum stability and prevent tilting of the cylinders, LUKAS uses a rerailing bridge with 350 mm width and roller carriages with Teflon-coated sliding plates. You avoid inconvenient and time-consuming repositioning.



  • Work from the control table – at a safe distance
  • Movement in two directions over the entire length of the bridge
  • No manual positioning of counter supports in the danger area
  • Minimises working in ergonomically unhealthy postures
  • Integrated sliding plates compensate for bowing of vehicle
  • 90 mm bowing without lowering load and repositioning supports
  • Roller carriage with 4 slots to insert distance bars and the DUO traversing unit
  • 2 adjustable distance bars connect the roller carriages and enable safe traversing on the bridge
  • Low total system weight
Technical Data

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  • DUO traversing unit
  • DUO traversing unit (heavy load)
  • Roller carriage
  • Roller carriage (heavy load)
  • Adjustable distance bars short
  • Adjustable distance bars long
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