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Rerailing bridges

A secure base for traversing.

The rerailing bridge is used as soon as you have raised the derailed vehicle. You can then move the vehicle sideways with one or two roller carriages and the DUO traverse unit.

When the vehicle is in the right position, lower it onto the rails. Connecting rerailing bridges:

You can extend the bridges with connecting elements, enabling you to respond to varrious track widths. Important: The connection points must be supported securely.

The bridge capacity depends on the support.

Maximum bridge capacity Height 85 mm Height 140 mm Height 184 mm
Full support 350 kN 1000 kN 1200 kN
with 1 m distance between supports 60 kN 500 kN 900 kN
with 1,43 m distance between supports 50 kN 400 kN 650 kN


The 85mm height is suitable for low-floor vehicles. The bridge capacity depends on the support (see diagram above).

Technical Data

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  • Bridge 85 x 1100
  • Bridge 85 x 2200
  • Bridge 85 x 3300
  • Bridge 140 x 1100
  • Bridge 140 x 2200
  • Bridge 140 x 3300
  • Bridge 140 x 4400
  • Bridge 184 x 1100
  • Bridge 184 x 2200
  • Bridge 184 x 3300
  • Bridge 184 x 4400
  • Connection elements for bridges 85
  • Connection elements for bridges 140
  • Connection elements for bridges 184
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