The safest way of traversing

Designed for safety

Synchronised operation for lifting rail vehicles

Thanks to separate oil flows, you can drive lifting cylinders individually or synchronously as needed using identical hydraulic cylinders controlled via the control desk. No more constant adjustments, so the operator’s job is simpler and safer.

Easy to operate – safe to use

The clearly labelled control desk makes it easy to operate lifting cylinders and our DUO traversing unit. You can quickly and precisely bring derailed vehicles back on track in a few short steps, working safely from a single position outside the danger area without extra risks – in the shortest possible time.

Safety first

Work with the market leader: only with the double-acting LUKAS DUO traversing system can you move loads over the entire bridge length in both directions without manual repositioning. That is what makes us the global market leader. Make the change now!

Avoiding error sources

This thoughtfully designed system takes no risks and avoids unfavourable load distributions. A pressure gauge is assigned to every oil flow or to every lifting or traversing cylinder, making the load visible to the operator. Thanks to easy operation and the ability to control forces, you can minimise the number of steps, and thus the sources of error.


  • Safe thanks to synchronised lifting
  • An oil flow for each cylinder means direct and precise lifting and lowering without load-related effects
  • Precision control of every cylinder and synchronised operation of multiple cylinders without countermovements
  • Smooth, easy-to-use hand levers with deadman control
  • Clearly labelled for easy operation
  • Pressure gauges for monitoring forces precisely
  • Control desk’s collapsible support frame saves space
  • Better component storage in work trains and rail-road vehicles
  • Compact cylinders with removable base plates for reduced weight
  • Use of base plates ensures optimum stability
  • All lifting cylinders equipped with quick-stop feature
  • Quick-stop for added safety in case of sudden pressure loss (hose break)


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